About the Journal

The Iraqi Journal of Industrial Research (IJOIR) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal published biannually (twice a year), with the possibility of a one special issue a year, by the Corporation of Research and Industrial Development (the journal's publisher). Established in 2014, IJOIR spans a diverse range of industrial and scientific fields. It welcomes various types of academic contributions, including research papers, technical notes, and review articles. IJOIR focuses on presenting research papers covering industrial applications, laboratory-scale experimentation, industrial development, pioneering research, mass production studies, and feasibility assessments related to the industry. Additionally, the journal shows pure and applied science research across a wide spectrum, including engineering, pharmaceutical science, agricultural science, physics, chemistry, biology, applied mathematics, computer science applications, and nanotechnology. The primary objective of the journal is to offer researchers and professionals a platform to disseminate cutting-edge developments in the industrial field. Manuscripts undergo a rigorous screening process, including plagiarism checks, and are subjected to peer review by a minimum of two expert reviewers within the specific field of the manuscript. The journal aims to provide swift acceptance, with an estimated timeline of approximately one month. Authors receive a Letter of Acceptance promptly upon paper acceptance. IJOIR operates as an online open-access journal, offering electronic PDF copies exclusively; no printed versions are available. The publication process is free of charge, and no fees are applied at any stage of publication. The journal operates as a non-profit service, supported by funding from the Ministry of Industry and Minerals of Iraq.

Starting in 2021, the journal transitioned to the OJS platform for its website, operating under the title “Iraqi Journal of Industrial Research” with a new ISSN (E-ISSN: 2788-712X). Prior to 2021, the journal operated under the title “المجلة العراقية للبحوث الصناعية” with an Electronic ISSN (E-ISSN: 2523-0506) and a Printed ISSN (P-ISSN: 2226-0722).