Reviewer Guidelines

Invitations for reviewing will be carried out by emailing the reviewers that are already listed in our database. Reviewer will receive a link that takes him/her to the review process. The first page in the review process has two icons, one for acceptance the reviewing and the other for declining the reviewing. Your acceptance of reviewing in our journal is highly appreciated. Our journal publishes peer-reviewed articles including original and/or valuable work using a single-blind review style. The manuscript is sent to you because your expertise is in the research topic of the submitted manuscript. If you think that the topic of the manuscript does not match your specialty, please let us know that ASAP. If you suggest another reviewer that you think he/she is a better match, then this will be a great suggestion. The information bellow is meant to describe our reviewing criteria.

  1. Reviewer Decision

Your recommendation is what we are looking for. The editors will rely on this recommendation to make the final decision. Your revisions will also help the authors in improving the presentation of their work.

  1. Confidentiality

To maintain the integrity of the reviewing process, please do not discuss the content of the manuscript you are reviewing outside the editorial board. In case you need to discuss the content with one of your colleagues for the purposes of improving the review process, you will need the permission from the editorial board before you contact that colleague.

  1. Deadline

We are looking for a fast review. You will be kindly asked to review the manuscript as quickly as possible. The deadline is two weeks, but earlier is better. If you have decided to decline the review for any reason, please click on the “decline reviewing” icon as soon as possible.