Ethics Policy

Policy and Ethics

The Iraqi Journal of Industrial Research is restricted to the standard international publication rules. Plagiarism is not to be tolerated by our journal. Author(s) are required to submit original and unplagiarized work. Plagiarism from the previously published work of your own is unaccepted, as well (your thesis and/or dissertation are excluded and can be used as materials for submission). Plagiarism term means using ideas, data, texts, or plots from others and representing them as your own. However, borrowing ideas from other sources with a proper attribution and correct citation and quotation is not a plagiarism. To keep our journal prestigious, we use the global software “Turnitin” to detect plagiarism, and the accepted limit for the whole article is no more than 20%. In case of plagiarism detection, the editor will contact the author asking him/her to paraphrase the manuscript or to use the proper citation, then resubmitting the manuscript again. The corresponding author is required to sign an ethics declaration form while submitting the manuscript. The author will hold the responsibility of any ethics infringement. The Iraqi Journal of Industrial Research has the full right of checking the plagiarism of the manuscript in any stage of the publication process. The journal can also check the plagiarism after the acceptance of the manuscript and the author has to accept the journal’s decision after receiving the plagiarism report.

Publication Fees

All articles will be published online in full color. Authors do not pay any kind of publication fees, registration fees, subscription fees or "donation". Our journal is thoroughly free-of-charge and it is sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Minerals – IRAQ.