Big Data Characteristics (V’s) in Industry


  • Nagham Saeed University of West London (UWL) – England
  • Laden Husamaldin University of West London (UWL) – England



Big data, Big data characteristic, V’s, Big data analytics characteristics


In the new digital age, Data is the collection of the observation and facts in terms of events, thus data is continuously growing, getting denser and more varied by the minute across multiple channels. Nowadays, consumers generate mass amounts of data on a daily basis. Hence, Big Data (BD) emerged and is evolving rapidly, the various types of data being processed are huge, and ensuring that this data is being used efficiently is becoming increasingly more difficult. BD has been differentiated into several characteristics (the V’s) and many researchers have been developing more characteristics for new purposes over the past years. Therefore, it is shown from observation that there is a clear gap between researchers about the current status of the BD characteristics. Even after the introduction of newer characteristics, many papers are still proposing the use of 3 or 5 V’s, while some researchers are far more progressed and has reached up to 10V’s. This paper will provide an overview of the main characteristics that have been added over time and investigate the recent growth of Big Data Analytics (BDA) characteristics in each industry sector which will provide some detailed and general scope for most researchers to consider and learn from.




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Saeed, N., & Husamaldin, L. (2021). Big Data Characteristics (V’s) in Industry. Iraqi Journal of Industrial Research, 8(1), 1–9.



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