Measuring and Analyzing the Process Capability of Productivity – An Applied Study in the Al-Tahady Factory for the Production of Filters


  • Ali Saad Alwan Kut University College – Iraq
  • Nagham Ali Jasim College of Administration and Economics, Mustansiriyah University – Iraq



Al-Tahady factory, Filter production, Process capability


This study addressed concerns related to increased percentages of damaged and re-worked production, heightened demand for factory products, and lack of awareness of the approved Sigma (σ) level during manufacturing, and associated deviations in the manufacturing process. The primary research problem was to assess the manufacturing process's stability and capability to consistently produce conical filters that meet required specifications. The study followed a sample-based approach, where twenty samples, each containing four observations, were collected continuously over a period of seven days. For each sample, the mean (X ̅) and range (R) were calculated. The mean X-Double bar of 319.32 and the average range R-bar of 0.848 were obtained through data analysis. The main findings revealed that, on average, the manufacturing process was relatively close to the target value (X-Double bar = 319.32). However, the presence of several data points outside the control limits indicated potential variability in the process. The average range (R-bar = 0.848) highlighted certain variations in the manufacturing process, which might contribute to issues like damaged or re-worked production. The study identified the need for further investigation to determine the root causes of these variations, which could include machine malfunctions, material fluctuations, or operator errors. By addressing these concerns and reducing process variability, the factory can enhance product quality, decrease waste, and improve customer satisfaction. In conclusion, continuous process monitoring and improvement initiatives, such as Six Sigma, are essential for achieving greater process capability in conical filter manufacturing. This research contributes valuable insights into process performance and provides a basis for implementing corrective actions to ensure consistent product quality and meet customer demands.




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Alwan, A. S., & Jasim, N. A. (2023). Measuring and Analyzing the Process Capability of Productivity – An Applied Study in the Al-Tahady Factory for the Production of Filters. Iraqi Journal of Industrial Research, 10(3), 33–40.



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