Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Microbacterium sp. for Determination of Antibacterial and Antitumor


  • Thuraya Mehbas Dewan Quality Control Department, Misan Mill, State Company for Petrochemical Industries, Ministry of Industry and Minerals – Iraq
  • Rashid Rahim Hateet Department of Biology, College of Science, University of Misan – Iraq



Silver Nanoparticles, Antibacterial, Antitumor


Synthesizing of AgNPs with a cost effective, environmentally friendly in simple ways, then use them as antibacterial and as anticancer on breast cancer cell line. The soil samples were collected from different places. Isolated, then purified, identified genotypically by 16Sr RNA sequencing analysis and compared with NCBI, GenBank which identified as Microbacterium sp., and there was a new strain discovered for the first time in Iraq register in our name and gave a new sequence ID in GenBank. Biosynthesis of AgNPs using extracellular synthesis by reducing Ag+ to Ag0 and forming silver nanoparticles. The color (reddish brown) was the first indicator of the formation of AgNPs, which was characterizing by using: UV-Visible Spectroscopy, XRD (X-ray diffraction), SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy), EDX (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy X-ray), AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy).Biological identification of AgNPs was determination by antimicrobial activity of biosynthesized AgNPs, the specimens collected from Al- Sadr hospital / Misan (identified by using VITEK 2). The result showed inhibition zone on pathogenic bacteria range (6- 38mm), and compared with Gentamycin antibiotic on same specimens. By the using of MTT test against breast cancer cells (MCF7 cell line), antitumor activity of were determined and showed very high results. The breast cancer cell line inhibition by about 81% at 100µg/ml, the rate of inhibition was very good and strongly suppressed MCF-7 cell lines proliferation, so different biomedical field can be used from AgNPs as antibacterial and anticancer agents, with considerable results.




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Dewan, T. M., & Hateet, R. R. (2023). Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Microbacterium sp. for Determination of Antibacterial and Antitumor. Iraqi Journal of Industrial Research, 10(2), 105–116.



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