Sterilization Device Using Silver Nanoparticles


  • Yoseph M. Kanjarawy Biomedical Engineering, Tishreen University – Syria
  • Ghadeer A. Khadour Biomedical Engineering, Tishreen University – Syria
  • Waseem S. Darwish Biomedical Engineering, Tishreen University – Syria
  • Ghada M. Saad Biomedical Engineering, Tishreen University – Syria
  • Hani M. Amasha Biomedical Engineering, Damascus University – Syria



Silver nanoparticles, Sterilization,, Ultrasound vaporization


Silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) interact with both the surface and structural proteins of viral or bacterial cells, leading to destruction of the pathogenic cells or disruption of their metabolic processes. One of the benefits of using Ag NPs as sterilants is their inability to be adapted to by pathogenic cells, unlike traditional sterilization methods. While silver is generally non-toxic to human health, prolonged exposure can result in a condition known as argyria, characterized by blue discolouration of the skin. The proposed device utilizes Ag NPs for external sterilization of individuals entering a room measuring approximately (1 × 1 × 2) meters, through the release of a batch of steam. Ultrasonic vaporizers utilize a piezoelectric transducer to convert electrical energy into mechanical vibrations, which agitate the water stored within the device. This results in the production of water vapour infused with silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) that are dissolved in the water. The silver nanoparticles possess antimicrobial properties, allowing the vapour to effectively sterilize the user by eliminating infectious agents present on the skin, hair, or clothing. The use of ultrasonic vaporizers in crowded areas can help to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, such as SARS-CoV-2 and influenza. Additionally, ultrasonic vaporizers are easy to operate and do not require specialized expertise, making them a suitable option for use outside of healthcare facilities.




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Kanjarawy, Y. M., Khadour, G. A., Darwish, W. S., Saad, G. M., & Amasha, H. M. (2023). Sterilization Device Using Silver Nanoparticles. Iraqi Journal of Industrial Research, 10(2), 1–8.



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