Electrical Power Generation from Industrial Waste Heat Sources According to the Iraqi Environment


  • Ashwaq Abdulameer Khalaf State Company for Design & projects implementation, Ministry of Industry and Minerals – Iraq




Industrial waste heat, Stream turbine technology, Organic Rankine cycle, Thermos-photovoltaic


There are a wide range of temperatures wasted in some Iraqi factories ranging from low to medium to high grades, offset by a wide variety of generation techniques and liquids that can be used, this diversity allows us to choose the appropriate generation techniques (and fluids type) with the available waste heat in our factories, allowing us to make the maximum benefit of this wasted thermal energy in accordance with the recommendations of the International Energy Conference. All over Iraq, thermal waste is an abundant source of emission-free power that is frequently overlooked. It is a byproduct of industrial processes that could lower energy costs and reduce overall emissions from electric generation. The thermal waste is produced as long as the operation running. Producing electrical power from thermal waste would help to reduce energy costs. This research paper will explain and discuss choosing the appropriate technology between the three suggested technologies. In addition, the paper will discuss choosing the appropriate organic liquid for (Organic Rankine Cycle) ORC to recover the heat and transform it into an energy based on the waste temperature of some Iraqi industries. Also, it will discuss the choice of appropriate technology for the quantity and quality of this heat. That would help to reduce the waste of energy and air pollution.




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Khalaf, A. A. (2022). Electrical Power Generation from Industrial Waste Heat Sources According to the Iraqi Environment. Iraqi Journal of Industrial Research, 9(2), 59–65. https://doi.org/10.53523/ijoirVol9I2ID206



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